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A later model World War 2 Hitler Youth dagger (a.k.a. hike/camp knife) with original scabbard in average overall condition. The red and white HJ emblem is in excellent condition, and slightly loose, which is fairly common with these WWII HJ Daggers. On the blade you can see what remains of an RZM marking, with 1941 beneath it barely legible after having been sharpened and used as much as it was The German Hitler Youth Knife is a reproduction of the famous World War II era knife that was earned by members of the Hitler Youth. This reproduction Hitler Youth knife is perfect for re-enacting, film production, theater work, or displays as it captures the look and feel of the original. Marked Blunt und Ehre! just like originals were done Hitler Youth Knife Basics Sell my HJ Knife. I have decided to write this article because Hitler Youth, (HJ) knives commonly are the first and most affordable way to start collecting German Edged Weapons. Millions of these were produced between 1933 and wars end

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tutorial on the charactor,construction & differences in hitler youth knives & how to detect a fake hitler youth knife. www.ddsdaggers.co Original Item: Only One Available: This early HJ Knife is a fine example of the type, nickel-plated over a steel base. The plating still remains in nice condition. The motto Blut und Ehre! (Blood and Honor!) is present and easy to read. These Wingen HJ knives are always constructed with a base of quality steel; they did not switch to the cheaper pot metal at any point during the period. The.

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Hitler-Jugend Knife - HJ Fahrtenmesser Miscellaneous Hitler-Jugend Knife (HJ Fahrtenmesser). The blade is nicely 'RZM M7/42' marked and maker marked by the company of 'WKC' from Solingen, the blade is dated 1938. Overall a nice original HJ dagger in good used condition The German Dagger was a very popular souvenir for many WW2 veterans who served in the European theater. For the German officers who wore them, they were a symbol of status, rank and power. Contrary to popular belief, WWII German Daggers were not used as weapons, but simply as an accessory to the uniforms of the German Officers (and a very fancy accessory at that) The Hitler Youth (German: Hitlerjugend [ˈhɪtlɐˌjuːɡn̩t] (), often abbreviated as HJ, ()) was the youth organisation of the Nazi Party in Germany. Its origins date back to 1922 and it received the name Hitler-Jugend, Bund deutscher Arbeiterjugend (Hitler Youth, League of German Worker Youth) in July 1926. From 1936 until 1945, it was the sole official boys' youth organisation in. A Hitlerjugend vagy Hitler-Jugend (rövidítve HJ) a Nemzetiszocialista Német Munkáspárt 1922 és 1945 között működött ifjúsági szervezete volt. A Sturmabteilung után a nemzetiszocialista párt második legrégebbi paramilitáris szervezeteként indult müncheni központtal, Jungsturm Adolf Hitler néven.. Az 1923-as sörpuccsot követően a szervezetet feloszlatták és csak 1926.

A nice original German WW2 Hitler Youth knife The Hitler Youth Knife (German: Hitler-Jugend-Fahrtenmesser) was a knife sold to and carried by boys of the paramilitary youth organization of the Nazi Party that existed from 1922 to 1945. The Hitler Youth wore knives as part of their uniform, which was very similar to those worn by the Sturmabteilung or SA Legal Notice - International Military Antiques, Inc observes all Federal, State and local laws. Everything for sale on ima-usa.com is completely legal to own, trade, transport and sell within the United States of America

The Hitler Youth knife (HJ/DJ Fahrtenmesser der Hitlerjugend) was worn by the members of the Hitler Youth and the Deutsches Jungvolk. It went through various design changes over the years including the removal in 1938 of the motto 'Blut und Ehre'. Also discussed are the HJ Honour dagger (Ehrendolch) and NPEA daggers Epic Artifacts LLC, Buys and Sells RZM Hitler Youth Knife, as well as All Other Edged Weapons, Headgear, Uniforms, and Awards of the Third Reich this is a hitlerjugend knife, you have to put the .dff and .txd in the gta3.img with imgtool or something. ohhh and i am not a nazi. it is made with 3ds max 9 and the metal texture in the handle is a crap, but maybe someday i will make a good one. ingame looks very good : Comment

HJ-Fahrtenmesser (Hitler Youth knife) - common dagger specially designed for the Hitler Jugend. HJ-Spätlese - nickname for the Volkssturm. Höckerhindernisse - anti-tank obstacles often referred to as Dragon's Teeth. Hoheitsabzeichen - national insignia e.g. on a tank or aircraft A Model 1933 Hitlerjugend Fahrtenmesser by RZM M7/10 - J.A. Henckels of Solingen. The ricassoed blade on this one looks good. The stamped RZM M7/10 1939 maker mark is beautifully executed! The fit remains nice and tight and the tip comes to a perfect point. The blade rates Exc+ Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art The knife comes with both, undamaged bakelite grips and the HJ diamond is present. The blade is unsharpened and nicely marked with the makers logo 'Kittermann & Moog'. On the other side its marked with 'RZM M/7/29-1940'. There is a little bit of movement in the blade. The scabbard contains all of its original black paint Created in 1933, the knife is difficult to be unambiguously classified as an edged weapon. Much more like a weapon of household life or a tourist knife. Judge for yourself: one-sided sharpening, the absence of a cross (it is replaced by an emphasis for a finger) and a rounded point - it is hardly convenient [

Overall, this is a really nice knife, in far better than average condition. Historical Description: The Hitler Youth Knife (Hitlerjugend Fahrtenmesser) was introduced in the summer of 1933, shortly after the Nazi seizure of power in Germany. It was produced by a multitude of manufacturers and could be purchased from authorized shops for a price. HJ (Hitler Youth) Knife with motto and dedication - RZM M7/85. This Hitler Youth Knife is a very fine example. The nickel plating throughout the hilt is excellent showing just the slightest of wear on the area beneath the leather cover strap and also just slight thinning at the surface of the obverse crossguard, but other than this the plating is still 100% throughout and retains its original.

Hitler Jugend Knife. Discussions on other First and Second World War militaria and collecting in general. Hosted by John G & William Kramer. 7 posts • Page 1 of 1. Zachary Member Posts: 1153 Joined: 13 Jul 2002, 22:55 Location: Sunshine State, USA. Hitler Jugend Knife A Model 1933 Hitlerjugend Fahrtenmesser by RZM M7/72 1939 ‐ Anton Karl Rob. Kaldenbach of Solingen-Grafrath. The ricassoed blade on this one looks good! The RZM M7/72 maker mark and stamped is beautifully executed. The blade has age grey/spotting and the common surface scratches throughout. The black leather buffer pad continues to remain intact. The steel based black enamel painted. Description. Absolutely original specimen of the Hitlerjugend Fahrtenmesser (Hitler's youth knife) supplied with the Hitler Jugend with the bajorite cheeks. In confirmation of its originality you can see the Diamond, Symbol OF the HJ, fixed before mounting the handle (and not glued as in most of the counterfeits in circulation) and the manufacturer's mark on the blade. German Hitler Youth Knife - The Hitler Youth Knife (German: Hitler-Jugend-Fahrtenmesser) was a knife sold to and carried by boys of the paramilitary youth organization of the Nazi Party that existed from 1922 to 1945. The Hitler Youth wore knives as part of their uniform, which was very similar to those worn by the Sturmabteilung or SA The knife itself is of a political nature..which had more meaning..and an ideology to uphold with its SA and SS counterparts. To explain the meaning coming from a news paper article supplemental to the Solinger Tageblattis a description of the Knife and the true meaning of the motto..and honor to carry it

Sticky: Hitler Youth Knife Diamond Variations From 1933-1942. Started by Mac 66, 02-01-2013 01:31 PM. Replies: 64; Views: 79,291; Rating5 / 5; Last Post By. Stevade. 02-02-2019, 05:30 PM. Sticky: Klaas catalogue sheet of the HJ and Jungvolk Fahrtenmesser. Started by gerrit, 01-11-2018 09:15. Hitlerjugend Knife. Discussion in 'Weapons' started by thompson, Jul 26, 2009. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > thompson Member. Joined: Aug 12, 2008 Messages: 133 Likes Received: 6 Location: Belgium. Hello everyone, Today i got a gift from my grandpa who was a member from the hitlerjugend in Belgium.A HJ knife,The knife is dated : M6/3 and under that 193 Amazon.com: hitler youth knife - Free Shipping by Amazon. Skip to main content. Try Prime Al Se conoce que después de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, algunas condecoraciones así como cuchillos y otros objetos del III Reich se siguieron fabricando como subvenir y poder subsistir en la Alemania ocupada de posguerra, uno de estos subvenir es un cuchillo de las Hitlerjugend (Juventudes Hitlerianas), fabricado por Hubertus fabricados en su totalidad después de la guerra

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Repro of a Hitlerjugend dagger or knife ww2, reproduction of high quality, made in Italy. Copy perfectly produced for reenactors HJ knife has Motto 'blut und ehre' on the blade. Typical period use and uncleaned. In overall complete and excellent condition. With metal scabbard. The Hitlerjugend, (Hitler Youth) HJ for short started from the youth group called Grossdeutsche Jugendbewegung or Greater German Youth Movement This is the classic straight edge KA-BAR knife issued to the USMC since WWII - made in the USA for combat in the toughest conditions. Made of 1095 high carbon steel with USMC stamped in the tang, this famous knife has a stacked leather grip and includes leather sheath. Sku:404171


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  2. Hitlerjugend Fahrtenmesser, transitional М 7/68 RZM -Tiger Solingen. Very good condition. Un-sharpened blade. The hilt and the blade show wear/age and speckling throughout. Leather hanger is hard used. In general very good condition knife
  3. Hitlerjugend: An In-Depth History: Ceremonial knives and daggers by Arvo L. Vercamer In 1933, the HJ leadership agreed to present a small ceremonial knife or dagger (Fahrtenmesser) to any HJ member who performed above average; another version of a badge or medal of honor
  4. Fahrtenmesser hitlerjugend. Übungsaufgaben & Lernvideos zum ganzen Thema. Mit Spaß & ohne Stress zum Erfolg! Die Online-Lernhilfe passend zum Schulstoff - schnell & einfach kostenlos ausprobieren Das Fahrtenmesser der HJ wurde nach der Machtergreifung durch die Nationalsozialisten im Sommer 1933 bei der Hitler-Jugend und dem Jungvolk eingeführt, war aber kein vorgeschriebener Bestandteil.
  5. £135. Partieverband grey zeltbahn ,HJ etc ,excellent condition ,feint Warie stamps and 40 dated Berlin more inf

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ОРИГИНАЛЕН НЕМСКИ НОЖ WW2ДЪЛЖИНА С КАНИЯ-25.5смДЪЛЖИНА НОЖ-24.5смДЪЛЖИНА ОСТРИЕ-14см Доставка Спиди или Еконт с опция преглед Third Reich Nurnberg 1926 Early Rally Badge - Item 91575 £38 Very early German marine... More Information Third Reich Diplomatic Officials Peaked Cap - Item 91486 £2650 Scarce Third Reich dark blue... More Information Third Reich Rally Badge for Day of the Song Festival - Item 91455 £48 Interesting Third Reich... More Information Third Reich SS Sports Vest Badge - Item 91542 £65. Hitlerjugend na Allegro.pl - Zróżnicowany zbiór ofert, najlepsze ceny i promocje. Wejdź i znajdź to, czego szukasz

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Hitlerjugend album Photo album with 91 pictures on a boys camp of the Hitler Youth. The album contains 10 sheets printed with a black cord held in a hard cardboard cover. is on the inside cover: 'Fritz Luft Heiermann im Landjahr-Bearing 1938 Wolmersdorf in Schleswig-Holstein. In a lower Landjahr boys or girls met who were born in the same year KORDIK - HJ - HITLERJUGEND - EICKORN - SOLINGEN - III RISE - NEMECKO . Aukce 3 999 Kč s dopravou 4 149 Kč . local_offer . KORDIK - POUZDRO - HJ - HITLERJUGEND - ORGINAL - III RISE - NEMECKO . Aukce 1 999 Kč s dopravou 2 149 Kč . local_offer . NĚMECKÝ ÚTOČNÝ NŮŽ . Aukce 5 000 Kč s dopravou 5 100 Kč Hitlerjugend Knife. Discussion in 'Weapons' started by thompson, Jul 26, 2009. Page 2 of 2 < Prev 1 2. Conte Ciano recruit. Joined: Jul 3, 2010 Messages: 1 Likes Received: 0. thompson said: some pics

Description: Hitlerjugend knife, 2nd model, in good condition. This item is guaranteed as original, any question, contact us The result was the formation of the 12th SS-Panzer Division Hitlerjugend. A recruitment drive began, drawing principally on 17-year-old volunteers, but younger members 16 and under eagerly joined. During July and August 1943, some 10,000 recruits arrived at the training camp in Beverloo, Belgium The photos were taken with a Kodak Instamatic camera by Virginia Longest (donor), a nurse in General Patton's army, and developed in an Xray laboratory. The collection also includes a bayonet and sheath from the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth), as well as a dagger, that the donor acquired in 1945 in Germany A Counter-Strike 1.6 (CS1.6) Skin Mod in the Grenades category, submitted by Webe Browse more videos. Playing next. 0:5

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Browse more videos. Playing next. 0:3 №123703 Hitlerjugend knife. Germany. 1938. Knife of members of the national socialist youth organization of the Third Reich - Hitlerjugend, sample 1933. Manufactured by Carl Schlieper, Solingen, Germany. A very rare manufacturer. The width of the blade of reduced size. Extremely rare. Total length 239 mm, blade length 136 mm ITEM: K403 - ( Horster RZM M7/36 ) German Hitler Youth Knife Condition - 7/10 Rarity - 3/10 Period - Late Please bear in mind that macro or zoom exaggerates even minor flaws and damage. Hover on a picture to the right for the enhanced zoom feature, additional pictures or information is available on request Original Hitlerjugend knife? I'm no expert by no means, but I got offered the item, seen in the picture, and to my untrained eye, they don't seem authentic. Can anyone with more knowledge give more opinion? db1.jpg db2.jpg db4.jpg *****-link to pictures: Knives etc. 20th June 2018 #2. mkholst German WWII Deutshes Youth DJ Knife & Scabbard. Measures 8 3/8 long overall. The blade is maker marked 'Hubertus Solingen Rostfrei'. It measures 13/16 wide by 4 1/4 long. The black painted metal scabbard measures 1 1/8 wide by 4 13/16 long. It has the black leather belt hanger riveted on

Your knife is an original, double marked by Tiger. The personalization Otto Winterappears to be applied by a light etching, impossible to know if that was applied during the period. Also a re-darkening of the motto appears to have been done: Tiger HJ-blades normally have light motto's. However the motto script is correct for Tiger. Best regards This is an Early Hitler Youth Fahrtenmesser Knife with Motto (Hitlerjugend (HJ) Fahrtenmesser mit Devise). This is the early, (circa 1933-1938), HJ Knife, measuring 251 mm with the scabbard on, featuring a 119 mm long brushed (magnetic) steel blade. The blade is etched Blut und Ehre for Blood and Honor, but is beginning to fade from wear

Birthed in its first incarnation in 1922 and officially christened the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) in 1926, this was the only official youth group of the Nazi Party. By 1939, official became mandatory, increasing the group's ranks to some 8 million and leaving just a tiny fraction of eligible members who managed not to join despite. Hitlerjugend knife m7/5 scabbard had a repaint at some poin HJ knife with etched motto Blut und Ehre. C.&R. LINDNER maker marked and GES.GESCHÜTZT marked blade. Certainly cleaned once. The etching is very light but still visible.Nice handle with a cl HITLER YOUTH KNIFE LOZENGE : £90 Add postage & packaging, rate B if required - UK only (for outside UK please email) ref: tri-hjlozf-0218 Hitler Youth Knife Lozenge, Prongs remain intact - stamped RZM and maker marked M1/13 for L. Christian Lauer of Nurnberg. - plated and enamelled bronze - measures 25 x 13mm

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  1. Hitler Youth Knife (Fahrtenmesser) (Item YOUTH 7-7)DESCRIPTION: The Hitler Youth knife was the first of the official NSDAP daggers to be manufactured in quantity.It was designed as a scouting knife; however, it had the additional purpose of teaching the youths the responsibilities of carrying arms or weapons at an early age
  2. The HitlerJugend By Hartmut Berg. The purpose of this article is to serve as an historical overview of the German youth organization during WWII. He would not be allowed to wear the HJ knife, membership pin, or DJ sleeve rune until he passed the Pimpfenprobe tests, which had to be completed within 6 months of joining..
  3. Rzm M7/40 maker hartkopf Solingen a late version knife with zink diamon
  4. terryl308 wrote:I have this old ww11 hitler youth knife that I am thinking about selling and contacted Wittmann Antique Militaria (WAM) about a possible purchase, My question is does anyone know anything about these people, they have a web site and seem to know quite a little about youth knives.Some of them are worth quite a little money. Mine is a Boker made knife and was made between 1935-37.
  5. Die Hitlerjugend oder Hitler-Jugend (abgekürzt HJ) war die Jugend- und Nachwuchsorganisation der Nationalsozialistischen Deutschen Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP). Sie wurde in der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus ab 1933 zum einzigen staatlichen Jugendverband mit bis zu 8,7 Millionen Mitgliedern (98 Prozent aller deutschen Jugendlichen) ausgebaut.. Der totalitäre Anspruch sollte möglichst ungehemmt von.

WW2 GERMAN Hitlerjugend & DMB, SS SA NSKK Daggers, NAZI THIRD REICH Sold items/Archives | FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE ON ORIGINAL WW2 GERMAN NAZI MILITARY WW2 German nazi - waffen SS original - WW2 GERMAN NAZI HITLER YOUTH HITLERJUGEND UNMARKED HJ KNIFE WITH ETU Buy online, view images and see past prices for Hitlerjugend (HJ) Messer. Invaluable is the world's largest marketplace for art, antiques, and collectibles. sog. III. Reich, RZM M/2 1936, Eisen und Stahl, Klinge mit Devise, Kunststoffgriffschalen mit eingelegtem Hitlerjugend-Emblem, Scheide mit original Lackierung, altersgemäß gute Erhaltung. The Hitler Youth (German language: Hitlerjugend [ˈhɪtlɐˌjuːɡn̩t] (), often abbreviated as HJ, ()) was the youth organisation of the Nazi Party in Germany. Its origins date back to 1922 and it received the name Hitler-Jugend, Bund deutscher Arbeiterjugend (Hitler Youth, League of German Worker Youth) in July 1926. From 1936 until 1945, it was the sole official boys' youth organisation.

The Jahrbuch der Hitlerjugend 1936 with many photos, illustrations, advertisings and a lot of H.J. information is an asset to every collection of rare original Hitler Youth material! E-116 EXCELLENT ORIGINAL 1943 H.J. PHOTO BOOK ON ADOLF HITLE Hitler Youth: The Hitlerjugend in War and Peace, 1933 -1945, Brenda Ralph Lewis, Pre-Owned. C $13.07. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. or Best Offer. From United States. The Hitler Youth, Gristle for the Reich's Mill, Williams, G 9781326091965 New Brand New. C $36.63. From United States

Still got to add the stick grenade, knife and rifle once I've completed the painting of the leather effect on the Y straps Life Miniatures 12 SS Hitlerjugend Bust - Missing-Lynx Missing-Lyn The knife shown is good but like all the others it is just not correct. The leather over the cross guard is missing the original had a piece of leather that fit the cross guard an was about a half inch thick some like Shaun an Boker have come out with similar Knifes and even the Case 92 and 98 have a piece of leather that is about 1/16th of an inch thick to just be a reputation of the original. privatecollections.ca - Hitler youth knife. $150.00. WW2 GERMAN NAZI GROUND DUG RELIC HITLER YOUTH RZM KNIFE HJ DJ HITLERJUGEND EDGE WEAPON

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Description: Hitlerjugend knife, 1st model, in good condition. This item is guaranteed as original, any question, contact us 17 Hitlerjugend knife. Photo album created with Web Album Generator. Hitlerjugend: So wurden aus Kindern glühende Nazis - WELT. Hitlerjugend - Wikipedia. LeMO Kapitel - NS-Regime - NS-Organisationen - Hitler-Jugend. Die Hitlerjugend zwischen Anspruch und Wirklichkeit.

Tag: hitlerjugend. Hitler Youth Knife - German Scout Weapon - 03/12/2019. Created in 1933, the knife is difficult to be unambiguously classified as an edged weapon. Much more like a weapon of household life or a. Knife-sales. Ss Messer Blut Und Ehre. Wwii German Daggers Price Guide Militaryitems Com www.quanonline.com. Die Anklager Der Letzten Naziverbrecher Geschichte Dw 28 10 2013 www.dw.com. Koppelschloss Hitlerjugend Blut Und Ehre War Militari German WW2 HJ Dagger / Knife Maker RZM M7/ 68 - 2.WK Dolch der Hitlerjugend HJ Hersteller Lauterjung & Co Solingen Tiger Email to a Friend Be the first to review this produc This DVD is terrific! If ever a program of indoctrination was successful, the Hitler Youth was that program! The varied aspects of the Hitler youth programs are shown, the age brackets of the groupings are given, and the opinions of the youth members are given The knife is by WKC (Weyersberg und Kirschbaum, Co.) in Solingen. The scabbard shows the wear that would naturally evolve when an active Hitler Youth boy would have it for even six months of hard wear and usage. My own Boy Scout knife was like that in a month or two when I was with the BSA. This is a great and unique knife. PRICE: SOL

The truth about the Hitler Youth: Nazis were shocked by sex mania at the Nuremberg Rally that left nine hundred teenage girls pregnant and later hanged children to quell revolt Home; Books; Search; Support. How-To Tutorials; Suggestions; Machine Translation Editions; Noahs Archive Project; About Us. Terms and Conditions; Get Published.


Ein Kinder-Eiskunstlaufpaar der Hitlerjugend während eines Trainings mit dem österreichischen Eiskunstläufer und Olympiasieger Karl Schäfer, Deutschland 1930er Jahre. A children figureskating pair of the Hitler Youth during a training with the Austrian figureskater and Olympics champion Karl Schäfer, Germany 1930s Hitlerjugend kniv replika. German Youth Knife. Autentisk samlar replika av tysk kniv för ungdomar i Hitler Jugend från WWII. En prisvärd reproduktion lämplig för exempel museum, filminspelningar och historiska knivsamlare, lågt pris för tyska knivar ww2. Tekniska fakta: 28cm total längd Blad 16cm The Knife Center is the best place to buy survival knives and gear. We love the outdoors, and we offer some of the best products for camping. We offer the best Brunton compasses and stoves, ProForce backpacks and sleeping bags, dozens of firestarters and saws and, of course, the world's greatest selection of camping and survival knives The Hitler Youth was an organization in Nazi Germany for children from ages 10 to 18. The girls split off from the Hitler Youth when they were 14 to join The League of German Maidens. All German children between these ages whom Adolf Hitler considered to be pure-blooded Germans, were required to join, and parents who stopped their children from joining could be sent to prison for a long time I just purchased a replica hitler youth knife today from my local knifeshop and when I got it home did I ever get a surprise. HAHA the knife is decent looking enough while in the sheath and all you see is the hilt and sheath. Upon unsheathing, however, you find that the blood and honor or blut und ehre

Fill in your email address to receive Jessen's Relics updates! Toggle navigation. MEN Hitler Youth. The Mindset of the Hitler-Jugend. by Kyle Frabotta June 2004. student research paper for UCSB History 133P proseminar, Spring 200 Want to discover art related to hitlerjugend? Check out inspiring examples of hitlerjugend artwork on DeviantArt, and get inspired by our community of talented artists Our well-known, high quality BeVo woven cuff titles rival the originals in everyway, and styles 501-504 & 507-514 also include the log

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Knife-sales. Griffschalen Hj Messer. 1944 Drittes Reich Hj Fahrtenmesser Hitlerjugend Spate www.ma-shops.com. Hitlerjugend Hj Fahrtenmesser Carl Wusthof Solingen M P Antik antik.saarland. Hitlerjugend Hj Fahrtenmesser A Schuttelhofer Co Solingen antik.saarland. Tolle Angebote bei eBay für hitlerjugend messer. Sicher einkaufen

Herbertz Hitler Youth KnifeGermanrare original Third Reich Hitler Youth KnifeHitler Youth Visor/Cap Badge | LakesidetraderRolf Gruber | My style, Style, Fashion
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